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Leave lock keying and rekeying services to our company. Our locksmith is available to help you whether you are looking for enhanced security solutions or preventive measures. A pro will rekey locks in Whitby in order to prevent an intrusion or unwanted visit. But we can also help you when you want to control security with a master lock system. In either case, Locksmith Whitby helps quickly and only sends out experienced pros for the job.Rekey Locks Whitby

Call us either for lock rekey or keying services

A master key system will be great for any residential building or business in search for increased security but also enhanced convenience. Such systems are designed based on each building’s needs and might be either complex or simple. In either case, a locksmith can provide the keying service.

But there comes a time when a worker decides to leave your business or a tenant moves out. In such cases, what you need is rekeying services. If you want lock rekey in Whitby, Ontario, let our staff know. One of our reps will arrange the service with the nearest locksmith to your property. All techs are experienced with such services and come equipped to rekey locks in a professional way.

The significance of rekeying locks

Rekeying includes key change. After all, the concern here is for you to avoid an intrusion from a person in hold of your key. So the key must change. And in order for the new key to work with the door lock, the pins of the cylinder must change. That’s what rekeying is all about. The pros use the right key replacement to cut a new key and replace the pins of the lock with great attention.

A locksmith can rekey locks urgently

Often times, you might need help urgently. That’s when the key is stolen or lost. We arrange emergency service and send out a pro 24/7 to rekey locks in Whitby. So, if you lose the key or are under the impression that the key is stolen, give us a call right away. We will help you promptly. Contact us if you also move to a new apartment or office and the locks are in a good shape. In this case, you don’t need to replace them. The lock smith will simply replace the pins and make a new key. You will be all set and secure without spending much.

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